Cleanliness of your flowerbeds and your property


Deposits of fallen leaves, branches or other vegetation …

…can quickly tarnish the appearance of your flowerbeds and exteriors.

Throughout the seasons, we pay particular attention to the regular cleaning of your flowerbeds. From early spring, we prune your perennials to give them a nice shape and make room for new growth, removing dry or dead stems to stimulate branching. We take care of the quality of the soil and loosen it, while adding compost or complete organic fertilizers at the foot of your beds.

We also take care to protect your beds from aphids, slugs and diseases, and ensure that the
conditions for their development do not arise

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Cleanliness of your flowerbeds and your property 


During the summer, we provide the necessary care to keep your beds clean and healthy, such as pruning, soil maintenance, and a sufficient and reasonable water supply.

In autumn, damaged foliage and faded flowers are pruned, taking care of the most fragile plants while maintaining the aesthetics of your beds. We prepare for winter by adding compost, weeding and preparing mulches of dead leaves or other plant component that will protect the soil and the feet of your flowerbeds during the cold season.

At the same time, the driveways and paths of your property will be kept clean. We use highperformance, silent equipment (new-generation professional battery-powered equipment), which eliminates any noise pollution during our work. Discretion and efficiency are our watchwords.

Trusting us with the maintenance of your flowerbeds and the cleanliness of your property is a guarantee of clean and careful work carried out discreetly throughout the year !