Treatment of your plants,
shrubs, citrus fruits


Plants, citrus fruits, hedges or shrubs… 

… can be victims of different types of pests (aphids, mites,
caterpillars…) that can affect the health of your plants.

The use of phytosanitary products can be a solution. However they have a negative impact on
the surrounding biodiversity such as soil, water or fauna…

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Treatment of your plants, shrubs, citrus fruits


That is why we propose a more responsible solution: the introduction of useful insects that will protect your plants such as ladybird larvae or lacewings. The advantage here is that these beneficial insects are themselves predators of pests such as aphids, mites or caterpillars.

This biological control, which consists of reproducing what happens in nature with insects evolving everywhere on our territory, is beneficial to the development of animal and plant biodiversity in your gardens.

As a last resort, we use a chemical treatment in case of pest outbreaks.

Within the framework of the CSR policy of our professional customers, we accompany you to complete your steps, while bringing the additional milestone related to the maintenance of your green spaces.