Lawn maintenance


To keep your lawn looking good all year round,…

…we provide regular and specific maintenance for your turf, adapted to the season.

In winter, we carry out simple but necessary tasks such as the removal of debris and fallen leaves that can turn your lawn yellow or encourage disease, or manually remove unwanted grass.

At the end of the cold season, we take the necessary steps to aerate your lawn and remove moss without harming it by using a scarifier

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Lawn maintenance

On the eve of spring, we prepare the soil for sowing on the bald areas.

When spring growth starts again, mowing will resume.

At this time, we take care to identify and correct any defects caused by the bad season, and then apply a thin layer of organic compost to help the lawn regain a beautiful green color.

Our mowers are equipped for “mulching”, which is a mowing technique that provides a natural fertilizer and an ecological mulch (waste from the mowing) that protects your lawn from drought.