Pruning your citrus fruits, shrubs, hedges and bushes


In order to provide the right conditions for the development, flowering…

… and balance of your citrus trees, shrubs, hedges and bushes, we carry out the right pruning according to the season, which encourages the growth of your plants and is beneficial for their health. This maintenance also allows us to remove dead or diseased parts and to avoid the spread of diseases.

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Pruning your citrus fruits, shrubs, hedges and bushes

Depending on the season and the type of shrubs, we carry out maintenance pruning, rejuvenation pruning (this consists of cutting the old wood to make room for young, healthy and flourishing branches), training pruning or fruiting pruning.

Your plants are then shredded to make an organic compost that we reuse in our various
maintenance services as fertilizer. Trusting us to take care of your shrubs and citrus trees throughout the year is a guarantee that they will remain in good health over the years !